Winter Sports


Post Falls Winter Activities

Don’t let winter get you down and keep you inside! The snowy season provides yet another perfect excuse to get outside, play, and enjoy nature. Post Falls offer multiple locales that are absolutely breathtaking in the frozen months and after a fresh blanket of snow.

Grab your ice cleats and wander around Falls Park during one of our cold snaps to see the massive ice formations on the canyon walls below the falls; watch how the mist from the falls freezes and hangs like a billion tiny diamonds in the air.  The deafening silence felt in a forest while it is snowing is a truly powerful experience that is hard to describe. So, grab your snowshoes and make your way over to the Community Forest during or right after a heavy snow and become a believer in the power of nature during winter.

Who says watersports are only for summer?! Grab your drysuit, PFD, and polished safety skills and head out on the Spokane River above the dam to get a unique perspective from your kayak. The glass-smooth water and tranquility of winter kayaking is a unique experience that will make you forget you ever thought about disliking winter.

After wrapping up any number of exciting winter adventures, make sure to stop in at one of our excellent local eateries for a warm drink and some delicious food to satisfy your hungry belly!

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