Water Sports


Numerous Activities on the Water

Post Falls is also a fabulous place to enjoy a variety of water sports. The waterway is calm in some areas, feisty in others, making a great spot for families and adventurers of all skill levels. Above the historic falls is a hub of water activities like boating, jet skiing, paddle boarding and more. Below the falls is a haven for kayaking, river floating and fishing. 

The rivers and lakes in the northern Idaho region are breathtaking, starting with the Spokane River in Post Falls. Numerous activities are available on either side of the historic falls. Above the falls is a mecca of adventure with miles of tranquil water providing boating, jet skiing, sailing, paddle boarding, canoeing, fishing… and more. Below the falls is a playground for kayakers and floaters. Towering Ponderosa pines continue down the gorge, with high walls of rock faces on either side of the river, creating an enclosed world. It’s intensely peaceful.

There are great views of the Spokane River below the falls, offering a place for kayaking and fishing. Just be aware that to access many of the best fishing locations, you must hike to these destinations as motorized vehicles are not allowed in the forest.

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