Outdoor Winter Recreation

Good for the soul, great for your health

Winters here in the Inland Northwest tend to be cold, with a mix of the occasional snowfall. Despite the urge to stay warm inside, it’s imperative to still make the effort to get outside, no matter the forecast. Post Falls Community Forest is the perfect location to elevate your heart rate, take in the fresh air in the open spaces and the purest form of vitamin D.

From strengthening bones, to helping in the absorption of calcium and bolstering one’s immunity, there really is no substitute for vitamin D. Anywhere from five to 30 minutes of daily sun exposure, ideally between the hours of 10am and 4pm, should allow a sufficient amount of natural vitamin D. Even when it’s cloudy outside, our skin can still absorb vitamin D, though not to the extent of when the sun is shining.

Vitamin D is also known to aid in elevating your mood; signs that you’re lacking in your vitamin D intake can include fatigue and depression.

Getting outside, and moving your body, does wonders for both your health and your soul. If you’re looking to explore, there’s no better place than the Post Falls Community Forest. With hundreds of acres ready to discover, it provides ample outdoor recreational opportunities to locals and visitors throughout the year.

Wintertime is ideal for snowshoeing, and with the proper footwear and attire, the forest is perfect for hiking any time of year. With approximately 2 miles of Spokane River frontage, it’s sure to lift your spirits as you enjoy time outdoors while taking in the incredible views. To gain access to the Post Falls Community Forest, enter the trailhead located at Q’emiln Park.

For water adventure enthusiasts, take a winter paddle on the Spokane River or look for surf waves and sport boating options at Corbin Park. Proper safety gear and clothing is essential for water activities.

Visit Post Falls for your cure to winter blues and a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Jamie Morgan
Author: Jamie Morgan

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