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Post Falls, Idaho, is home to several outstanding golf courses that offer a range of experiences for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Each course is uniquely designed to highlight the natural beauty of the area, providing a combination of challenging play and scenic views. Golfers visiting Post Falls will find well-maintained greens, diverse layouts, and excellent facilities, making the city a prime destination for golf lovers.

The Links Golf Club offers a traditional Scottish links-style course with wide fairways and large greens, perfect for those who appreciate a classic golf experience. The Highlands Golf Course, nestled in a picturesque community, is known for its varied elevations and water features, providing a challenging yet enjoyable round for players. Meanwhile, Prairie Falls Golf Club stands out with its comprehensive facilities, including a new hotel and event center, along with virtual golf simulators, making it an ideal spot for both golf and social events.

Overall, the golf courses in Post Falls, Idaho, present a blend of beautiful landscapes, well-designed courses, and top-notch amenities. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, these courses offer something for everyone. Playing golf in Post Falls is not just about the sport, but also about enjoying the serene environment and the welcoming community.

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Prairie Falls Golf Club

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The Highlands Golf Course

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The Links Golf Club

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