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          AN ADVENTURE

        Surrounded by gorgeous mountain lakes and
        located on the Spokane River, Post Falls is where
        your summer adventure begins. With numerous
        hiking and biking trails, scenic riverfront parks,
        amusement parks and just about any water sports
        activity you’re seeking, northern Idaho is an
        impressive masterpiece of nature and solitude…
        and it’s waiting for you!

        The rivers and lakes in the northern Idaho region
        are breathtaking, starting with the Spokane River
        in Post Falls. Numerous activities are available on
        either side of the historic falls. Above the falls is a
        mecca of adventure with miles of tranquil water
        providing  boating,  jet  skiing,  sailing,  paddle
        boarding, canoeing, fishing, swimming beaches…
        and more. Below the falls is a playground for
        kayakers and floaters. Towering Ponderosa pines
        continue down the gorge, with high walls of
        rock faces on either side of the river, creating an
        enclosed world. It’s intensely peaceful.

                                                Post Falls, Idaho Summer 2020                                           7
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