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Post Falls

     CLIMBING History

        In  2007,    a  couple  of    local  rock  climbing
        enthusiasts, Rusty Baillie and Richard LeFrancis,
        dedicated thousands of hours to improving
        the safety and quality of rock climbing  on
        the Q’emiln Walls. Not only did they focus on
        the rock faces, but they cleaned up trails and
        protected the native plant life, exposing one of
        the most beautiful approaches in the Northwest.

        As improvements were made, the two men
        published  THE NORTHWEST PASSAGE: A
        guidebook to the rock climbs of Q’emiln Park.
        This climbing guide is chock full of information
        on climbing traditions, natural history, the native
        environment and offers climbing route maps.

        Today, maintained hiking trails and lush
        vegetation  surround  the  Q’emiln  Walls.
        Additional walls are being scouted to expand
        the climbing experience into the Post Falls
        Community Forest, adjacent to Q’emiln, and
        potentially doubling the climbing routes. The
        vision of two climbers is now a reality for all who
        visit the walls every year. Their impact will be
        enjoyed for generations to come.

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