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Huckleberry Thicket

Campers, hikers, backpackers and climbers and wild four-legged berry-pickers, recognize the unmistakable legendary flavor of wilderness purple gold. Huckleberries are undoubtedly the tastiest way to get your antioxidants for the day.

Huckleberry flavor is synonymous with unforgettable memories of family summer vacations. From berry picking to tasting the fruits of your labor, eating pancakes smothered in delectable huckleberry sauce, or sitting around the fire scarfing huckleberry cobbler, huckleberry family memories last a lifetime.

Unadulterated huckleberry flavor that stands on its own, gourmet without the ruckus – berries are handpicked, sustainably harvested, in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Our kitchen produces berry products that honor the Mountain Huckleberry, Vaccinium Membranaceum. This rich, vibrant berry is the base of our jams, syrups, confections, barbeque sauce and vinegar. It has been the focus of our family’s business for over three decades.

In our family kitchen, we use wild, sustainably harvested berries and organic ingredients to produce the fine, small batches of the American wilderness. Our recipes and business practices take care of the environment and your health for current and future generations’ vitality.

Larchwood farms products are crafted in traditions that honor the wild huckleberry, sharing wilderness goodness from our kitchen to yours. Come see us at the Huckleberry Thicket or browse online!