120 E 4th Ave Post Falls, ID 83854
(208) 457-3610
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Republic Kitchen and Taphouse

Our philosophy is based on authenticity. Not in the traditional sense, but to strive to create food and hospitality from our core. When our guests leave our restaurant, they feel like they have experienced something a little different and very special.
This is your chance to taste a meal prepared from the seasons. There is a reason that all great chefs of the world use seasonal and local ingredients. When you stand next to the farmer you work with, and hold a tomato still warm from the sun, or spend a day foraging for mushrooms, inspiration fills you.
There is an appreciation that comes from using great products that makes our job so much better. We go out of our way to seek the best products and to honor those who grew them by doing our best at serving them in ways that make food memorable. This is how we create great experiences, traditions, and communities.
Our menu is created and meant to reflect the best of the season. We have created one of the most interesting and unique dining experiences in the Northwest.